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Five Reasons to Start Marketing Your Services to Gay Couples

  1. If you’re doing business in one of the 13 states where Gay Marriage is still illegal, you can take advantage of the greatest opportunity in recent history to grow your business by marketing to same-sex couples right now before your competitors catch on. The Supreme Court has heard arguments and must deliver its ruling by early July and most prominent legal experts expect the nation’s highest Court to rule in favor of lifting the bans in all 50 states.
  2. Affirming the constitutional right for Gay and Lesbian couples to marry nationwide could mean a $2.6 billion spending boom over the next three years. Much of that spending would come from short-term spending on weddings, so if your business is not well positioned to capitalize on this spending boom, you might be leaving huge amounts of money on the table.
  3. Any wedding professional knows that happy people spend more money, and you could soon be working with the most profitable customers you’ve ever had. According to the U.S. Census, unmarried same-sex couples in the United States had an average household income of $103,980, while unmarried heterosexual couples had an average household income of $62,857. Isn’t it time your business tapped into all that Pink Money?
  4. Each time a state has moved to allow same sex marriages, Google has reported an enormous short-term leap in people searching for related keywords. Same-sex couples who have been eagerly waiting for their right to marry almost immediately start looking for wedding planners and vendors who understand their needs. If your website can be at the top of search engine results pages in your industry, you will most certainly be the one they turn to.
  5. Search Engine Optimization is all about new, unique content, and if you follow our SEO recommendations, allowing us to develop keyword-rich content relating to Gay and Lesbian weddings for you starting right now, you’ll be riding the wave at the top of the search results when the news hits and millions of couples start planning their happy day.

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